Create world clocks on your computer desktop

World Time Manager Control Center with world mapWorld Clock software that’s easy, quick, and reliable.

See the time in any part of the world on your desktop with world clocks that even show you if it is day or night. With World Time Manager it is now so easy to know  when to ring your friends or business partners. You can also set alarms in any time zone and much more.

Take the hassle out of time zones and daylight saving.

Simple drag and dropworld clocks, ontp your computer desktop and optionally minimize them to the taskbar. You can group clocks and move them around in clusters or have the clocks hide away automatically so they are out of the way and back instantly when you need them. If you want you can even customize them in appearance.

World Time Manager is versatile and indispensable for anyone with international contacts.

  • Real time day and night view of the earth
  • Sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world, any time
  • About 1000 locations to with acurate up to date world time
  • Alarm for any time zone
  • Time machine
  • A variety of  resizable clocks with day and night colors which can even be customized.
  • Clocks auto-hide if docked to the edge of the screen for quick and easy access
  • Handles all global time zones, and even includes those time zones that are not supplied with Windows
  • Free global time zone database for the lifetime of the product with automatic updates
  • Set alarms in any time zone. Can be used as a simple reminder, or to start a program, or to even play your favorite tunes.